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User access issue in community profile page

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I observed that when i clicked on my profile name inside community page, it took me to someone else's profile, where i could edit the information. Its a serious security concern. I am not sure if this is temporary system glitch. Please fix it soon.

Regards, William


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Thanks Jurgen for sharing the tag list. I never intended to post it without proper tag. But I could simply not get 'Using' in suggested tags, while trying to find with words like 'Profile issue', 'logon..', 'SAP login', 'SAP user profile' etc.

It was a serious issue in my opinion and wanted to send it directly to SAP, if possible. I had to resort to community post for this issue as I could not find other option.

BR, William

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi William,

The reason why it appears like you are logged on with someone else's account is because of a caching issue.

In reality, you are NOT logged on with another person's account. Even if you tried editing a profile, if you would try to save the change it would result in an error and would not be saved. Every data is secured.



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Hi Gabi

Thanks for explanation. The issue is fixed now.



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