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Use of SCN community network points

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Hi Experts,

I should not ask such question but still i am asking.

What is the use of SCN Community Network points,levels etc???

Thanks and Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Though may sound crude - it satisfies my SAP passion & gives job satisfaction!.


Answers (8)

Answers (8)

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Hi Abdul,

I fully agree with T W & ' MoazzaM ' .You can resemble it with your job where we joined as a fresher get learned from the seniors and perform well in return you are getting recognition. As MoazzaM said me too have learn everything from SCN.It has become a social network for me and I usually browsing SCN more than any social network.For me when I was started I never aware of the points but gradually came to know about it and it has become a passion yes this is the word "PASSION" should be used.

Also TW is correct that we should focus on the valuable content not on the points.But at the end of the day if someone gives you the reward it feels great.

So be a part of a great & biggest forum of the Globe SCN.SAP.COM and learn & share your thought among us.



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my views are:

SCN points give motivation and boost self confidence. SCN has been a very platform to learn new things happening as per as technology/domains are concerned.... also anyone can share the knowledge which is helpful to other and get to know others views and meanwhile improve on it.

Its always good to tell your company that you are involved in some extra activities other than project work which is really good for your exposure/career.



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Like always nice words . I like the way you explained and I am  agreed with you that sometime points get vanished and I don't know why. May be moderator's action or some old assigned points are removed by OP which can be happen very rarely. 

Well, for me points are also secondary thing like for TW because we are here for learning and honestly I am telling you that I have learnt everything from SCN. I have never been to any training session or certification or academy etc. Whatever I am it is because of SCN. You should contribute here for your own learning and knowledge.

As far as points are concerned they are just to create interest and motivation to come in top contributor list. Build your reputation and mention this in your CV and it will also leave a positive impact there as I have seen this practically. When your name is in top contributors list then you can also have networking with other SAP mentors of your area and you can share your ideas and problems off the record too


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What is the use of SCN Community Network points,levels etc???

"Use" or usage of points, levels etc.

1. For me, the points or level achieved by a member is irrelevant.

Most important is the quality of his/her post.

2. For many of us, at some stage of our membership, we are "chasing" some goal (be it a number of points, or a level or....) To create that "carrot", so that we can run after it...these tools have been created.

I have seen many members, who - some time back (some years back) - enthusiastically "ran" for points...are no longer participating in SCN

These members, in every post, used to write "Reward if helpful" etc. but now they have moved on.

3. In SD forum I have experienced that moderators have reject post(s) which I had written 2 years back...thus some points have been "lost".

Digging in to past threads and then rejecting some that worth the time?

I am not aware why this was done. I haven't received any details via email. Anyway....

4. If I am faced with a situation where I have to choose between learning a new concept & giving / "sacrificing" a thousand points. I would always choose the learning!

So Abdul it is up to you how you want to use this forum and what you want out of it.

Good luck!

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0 Kudos's a FUN to help other people out there who is having problem...we're in one roof...! help and get help!

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One of the main points in SCN is....   

You are not alone in the world for a problem...   

Help  and Get Help   

Motivated by points as well

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Hello Abdul,

I thnik the ABAP Development is the wrong place for questions like this.

Please Check the links:

Have a nice Day,