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Topic pages - first impressions

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0 Kudos looks nice and clean. Currently there are not many topics to choose from, maybe it will be easier to form an opinion on the page if more topics are listed (even if the links lead nowhere).

If the number of topics is even 25% of what I see in , then navigating to some of them will require a lot of scrolling or CTRL+F -> type part of the topic name.

How will the topics be grouped and sorted? How many topics maximum will be shown under each image?

The images didn't help me much to identify what it is all about (I don't specialize in these topics, but I associate gear icons with configuration in general, or with mechanical engineering). The images are not click-able, so I assume they will not be used to navigate to a page, where all topics listed below it are shown.

On mobile each of these 3 is shown separately in the screen and you have to press an arrow right/left to navigate. With three topics it is OK, but if there are 10-20 - no, thank you. Only about 25% of the screen holds useful information when you browse as usually - in portrait mode. In landscape the page is not re-sized, so you still see a single topic with arrows, but you need to scroll to get to it - therefore it makes no sense to browse the page in such way.

Is there any technical possibility to provide option for choosing presets for screen size/orientation?

Navigating to ABAP Development (there is no SD yet).

On mobile - First screen shows what the topic is all about and the list of moderators, which will be useful for newcomers.

Scrolling down ...Featured content. It is nice to see that if you log on once in a blue moon, but if you are more active, you have already read that.

Can we have a profile setting to hide that, please?

Scrolling down past recent blogs and recent questions  (almost 3 more screens after featured content) to get to the big blue button (BBB) I wanted to click - View More Blogs and Questions.

Can we have this placed somewhere up - after the list of moderators or in a menu?

If you press the BBB, you get to the closest resemblance to the old SCN, with the difference that by default you see blogs and questions in the same screen. The filters and search function are easy to use on desktop and mobile, the unpleasant part is that they are available only at the top.

When you set a filter, e.g. blogs, first you see around 20 items, you scroll down, press another BBB (Show More results) and you get another 20, then another 20... you get the idea.

Sadly, here is no next page option for desktop users, so even if you have a big screen, you will scroll just like me on S5 Neo. There is no compact layout to make use of the screen estate. In the old SCN I used the details option and I needed to press PgUp only once to get to filtering/next page.

With the new SCN, no matter if I use desktop or phone, if I wish to filter results after I have browsed several pages, I will need to scroll ALL the way up to get to the filter/search box.

The nice part is that you don't have to go through all these hoops to get to your favorite topic or filter results:  - this gives you the unfiltered results by newest - questions sorted by newest - blogs by newest

I don't think I will ever use sort by oldest (unless there is a date restriction in later releases), but if you really find it useful , just add %3B&Sort=CREATED_TIMESTAMP%3Aasc to the url.

For me typing the url directly/bookmarking was easier than navigating in Topic Pages, because I can set the URL bar to be always visible when scrolling. 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Veselina,

Thank you for your thorough feedback. I have added to the feedback log.

Thanks again and best regards,

Bill Murray

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hi Veselina,

This is great feedback - very thoughtful and detailed.

I have a few more things to add:

First, the set of topics is quite small now, but we'll be adding to that list throughout the course of the beta. Keep in mind that the set of topics that we end up with under Browse Community will always be merely a small subset of everything that you can talk about in the community, because users post content based on tags. This is explained further on the About Tags page.

Second, this page is going to be replaced very soon by an enhanced version that allows users to browse, filter, and search.

Scrolling down ...Featured content. It is nice to see that if you log on once in a blue moon, but if you are more active, you have already read that.

We won't force you to go to the community topic page and read the featured content . You'll probably be more interested in the tag page, as described in the link above. I agree that it needs to be more obvious how to get to pages with all of the content, so we need to take that back to the team.

I believe that Bill has dealt with some of the other points by entering them in the feedback list.

Thanks again,