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SAP S-user ID

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I am a Student and trying to learn the concepts of SAP, I have a P-id . But how do i get an S-id. As I don't work in an organization, I do not have any administrators to contact. Could you please help me in providing the SAP S-ID .

Thank You.

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Hello Pragna Yelamanchili,

Thank you for asking question SAP community.

Seems you selected the wrong tag for your question.

I will change the primary tag of your question for better visibility in the community

Thank you

Yogesh Patel

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Since you mentioned that you are not part of any working organisation, in this regard i can suggest you to take help from training centers. Most Renowned Training centers have their own S-User & so they can provide you Sub-account S-user for training purpose for some duration if needed. Maybe you can please mention for what purpose you require S-User, generally a SAP-Customer has their SAP S-User id based on the licensed product they need for downloads.

Also you will be entitled to a S-User id if you have passed a SAP certification test also



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Hi Pragna,

There are several types of S-Users. The ones assigned for training don't have access to most of the SAP websites, they are just for training purposes. To get a proper S-User, you would need a partner or an SAP customer to give you one. I understand that it is tough to start in the SAP world but for better or worse, that is how SAP works...

You can find information that I think could be helpful for you in this post:

Kind regards,