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RSS Feed Items - Parameters?

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Hey guys,

after platform migration the RSS Feed list only 10 items (again). Good old SCN got some URL parameter to control this behavior (for more details please check this thread:

How can i list all my RSS feed items? I include my RSS blog feed on my website and need all items.

Thank you.



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Answers (5)

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Hello Sajid,

thank you very much for the reply.

SAP does not support or promote RSS - one of the most important information collecting/consolidation "tools" on web? Sorry, but nobody wants to logon to several platforms just to check the updates. This is ridiculous. A lot of guys use Feedly or something like this to get informed about relevant updates from all interesting platforms. Tags do not solve or help in any case here.

So in consequence i gonna stop posting blog posts or write any other content on SCN as it can not be published in a proper way to other sites or sources.

Thanks and Regards



Hi Stefan,

I can only strongly agree with you. I can use my time better than the facebook generation scrolling through a time line. RSS feeds are a necessary feature for a modern knowledge worker. Without that the new community project has very weak benefit for me.



Hello Stefan,

I fully agree with you, the loss RSS & the fuzzy tag structure are big regressions and major design errors.
Double sentence if high skilled people like you are moving away.

The SCN community was really something unique, taking the risk of breaking it is a shame

I hope SAP will be able to listen and react in a positive way.


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Hi Jerry,

i know that WordPress does support RSS (e.g. in my blog case, but your current implementation lists only 10 items. This is not enough (if you want to include the feed on other sources) and needs to be controlled by some parameter like on the old platform - please check the link that i provided. Not quite sure why you removed such useful features with the new platform.

The other part is RSS feeds for community topics (or tags how it is called nowadays to be more trendy) - this is totally gone.



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Hi Stefan,

I've asked Oliver the same thing (enable the use of 'numItems'). Wordpress apparently has a server side setting. From this site (halfway):

"I requested 10 feed items but I only see 5. How do I increase the limit?

If the RSS feed only includes 10 items at a time, you will only ever be able to request 10 items at most. (Hint: Load the feed in your browser to confirm) Even if you request 100 items, you will only get at most 10. You should contact whomever controls the feed and ask them to increase the number of items in their feed.

For WordPress blogs, go to Settings » Reading and change the value of "Syndication feeds show the most recent ___ items" to change the number of feed items available."

So I asked Oliver to tune that setting, but he didn't like making too many ad hoc changes at the moment.

I hope he'll change his mind later on, when things have settled down a bit...

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RSS feeds was a great and easy way to access post. what a shame SAP decided not to migrate this feature into the new community site

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, everyone:

Sajid posted Oliver Kohl's comment above, but I can provide a bit more detail.

Our blog solution is WordPress, and WordPress does support RSS.

I'm afraid it does require work on the blogger's part, but it's there for those who choose to use it.

Here are some links that might help:

Again, not an ideal scenario, but I hope it's enough to keep people blogging in the new platform. We'd hate to lose great contributors.

Best regards,


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Hello Stefan,

I am afraid we will not be pursuing RSS feeds in the new SAP Community. However, you can follow primary tags defined in our corporate metadata, people in the Community, and specific pieces of content. Updates made to these will then show up on your Activity Stream. You can read more about how the transition from spaces in SCN JIVE was made to tags on the new SAP Community here:

And here you can find a description of tags and a list of primary tags in the new platform:

You can also read more about the new platform in Oliver's recent blog:

I believe in the comments section somewhere he talks about RSS feeds as well:

Hope you find this information useful. Thanks.


Wow! Just killing RSS feeds, just killed SAP Communities for me...