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Rg1 Psoting issues

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I want to know more about RG1 updation procedure thru J1I5.At our place we are getting so many problems  whic I stating below

1. MT 601& Classification IDH when given even export details also gets posted

2. MT type 601 and Classification IWE, even then domestic sales also gets posted

3. MT Z11 and Classification IWO, all the Plant storage location to another plant storage locations also gets posted

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi David,

RG1 register maintained at Manufacturing Plants for excisable finished goods. The register shows goods movements from the factory to a store and stores to customer, specifically for excisable finished goods. The R/3 System generates all the necessary entries in the register.

This report only creates register entries for goods movements that have not already been entered. It does not create duplicate entries.

Extraction of RG 1 - J1I5 we have to run first with RMA, ROP, IDH, IDE, IWE, IWT, IWO

Register TypeGoods issuesGoods receipts

ofcourse, it will hit the RG1 register.



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Any clarification required in this

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