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Hi Team,

Lot of new scn users will post their issues are irrelevant forums.Mean while we guide them to use Site index to post at right forum and using report abused.Some of them will select reply are helpful at the present forum. But today moderator removed my points(at BW Forum) after moving the thread  to right forum(BW). My request is remove the points at right forum where i got it.Loosing points its not an issue. if this happens on daily to some one it will be discouragement. so please requesting you to take actions at the same forum before moving the thread right forum.

Here the example: Thread posted at SCN support and move to Bw Forum.

Thanks for your feedback.


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Answers (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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We very much appreciate your help in helping move misplaced discussions to the correct space. To assist in this process, SCN has added the "Wrong Space" category to the abuse reports and this is the correct way to notify moderators in any SCN space of misplaced content.

A reply to a thread with the same information (i.e. where the thread belongs) cannot be considered helpful because it does not answer the query: only replies that are helpful or correct for the query should be marked as such or these will be misleading. Of course, there's no reason why another member cannot like your reply with the helpful information, which I see was done.

We hope you understand and thank you again for your help in ensuring everything is in the right place on SCN.