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Dear Sir,

this message to the moderators.

every discussion i have created on SCN. it has been rejected by the moderators!!

and i don't know the reason. i have read the rules many times. and i didn't find and thing i did to reject my posts.

the last one was about specific Tcode and you rejected it too !!!

Please tell me what is the wrong???

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I love reading these sort of discussions. I always think it is someone winding us up with a comedy 2nd account but no, people do genuinely believe they have a right to gain all help they require from SCN and be rude if they don't get it.

At least the replies often make me chuckle.



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Exactly my thoughts, Gareth. By the way, this discussion gives me the opportunity to link to my most favourite thread on SCN, which fortunately hasn't been lost in migration:

@ Mohamed, as you can see a Mod's reaction can be a lot harsher (yet perfectly justified) and less benevolent than Jürgen's who's only trying to help you. In my humble opinion you could use a degree of humility, assuming you really meant everything you put down here and didn't just vent off steam. Try asking an RTFM-Question on the Security Subforums for example and see what happens 🙂 ...

Cheers, Lukas

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Actually, there were two more discussions that should have been rejected. I've reported them to the Moderators now. Hopefully they will be rejected by the Moderators soon!


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For every rejection you may get notification.

please see the notification message, from right side corner top of the scn, Actions-->Notifications.

At which forum you posted?

Some questions are not allowed on SCN. like

1. Basic questions

2. Already discussed question or similar issue.

Before posting issue, we need to search on google. if we won't get useful information then we can ask here to get help.


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First of all,thanks for your reply.

Secondly, yes i received the notification but it didn't explain the reason. just read the rules !!

and i know i didn't post anything in opposite  your rules

for example:

this is may last post that was rejected too yesterday

want to ask about field GL/Account in the cash Journal tcode FBCJC2

GL/ Account of what??

which GL account i have to fill this field??

in the following cases

from bank to cash journal

from cash journal to bank



and why i can't fill GL/Account in the cases of vendor and customer post?

what is the problem of this post??!!!!

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Had you ever taken any training? business wise and SAP module specific?

Honestly, I am not doing any support for finance module, but I dare evaluating this question. This sounds for me like a question from somebody who has no basic knowledge in the process, and does not know the basics in SAP (F1 field help, documentation) and does not know how to use Google.

The question is not at all well formulated, you are just requesting others to do your job.

I really ask myself how one can ask strangers which GL account shall be used. GL accounts are master data, they are created in-house, specific to your company , they are not common around the globe.

You should try to get up to speed by asking your colleagues, team mates and your boss.

Maybe reading this blog can help you a bit further to know  what is expected from you (just in case the forum rules are too abstract for you):

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This message was moderated.

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I take your reply just as an evidence

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Hello Mohamed,

you asked the moderators why your content keeps getting rejected and Jürgen, who is a moderator BTW, not only answered your questions, but also pointed out how you can better yourself. And this is your reply. Really? Speaking of manners...



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based on a comment in he posted in another thread he between training and first job - trying to keep skills fresh.

I would take this an opportunity to develop supporting skills like searching (Google and SCN), Analysis and Communications.

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Mohamed Bakry wrote:

to Jürgen L

I think maybe you have this basic knowledge but what is very clear that you don't have the minimum of manner.

and i think instead of replying to bad question like this you can spend your time to behave yourself because the the knowledge is not enough at all.

eventually i don't need your advice or your passing.

thank you for your Impudence.

I love these responses that show that the poster him/herself

a) Is impudent

b) Has the minimum of manners

c) Has no sense of irony

Apparently, rudeness by others is to be condemned, but for themselves is perfectly acceptable.

Jürgen was in fact taking time to help you understand how this site works and why your posts have been rejected. It is sad that you fail to apprehend this, and instead have resorted to rudeness. Not an attitude that will help you in your new job, nor incline others to provide assistance.