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Rejected replies on SCN!!!

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There are situation when we can't post new thread as it was already discussed in the past!!!

and then naturally we have revert to the old thread,however when we reply to old thread for some additional clarification, immediately moderators reply come the "your content is rejected as it was old thread"

But then i really don't understand how one can get clarified neither he can ask on old thread nor he can create new discussion!!!

above all there when the moderator send the rejection message for content, there is  only  "Dismiss" tab is available,how one can discuss the situation with moderator & I suppose there should have two way communication when some body is moderation to get the clarification.

This moderation process has to be improved to "Two way communication" which i suppose anybody will appreciate.

I am not here to make offence but to have a corrective thoughts!!!!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The forum software limits the interaction possible. So you've done the right thing in posting your query here.

The problem with resurrecting an old thread, is that you then get people who just reply to the original posting... not realising that what they've said has been covered already. Also, the original poster may no longer be active on SCN, so you won't get an answer.

The problem with posting the question anew, is that people then link back to the old question.

So my solution would be to post a new question, linking to the old one, saying that you've read the old one, you want to discuss certain points further, then stating your issue.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Lets see what the community says after they know what discussion you resurrected (among several others which can easily be seen here, all those with number of views in the thousands :

this is the discussion:

It is from 2009!

this is the part you replied to:

your reply was:

Some facts: Manish Kumar Agarwal was last online in 2012

He does not get any mail update for your new reply to his reply.

Only the OP gets a mail update - 5 years after he posted the question.

But 5 years ago, another user has already asked exact the same question:

And Manish had already not replied to this old request - at times were he was active - what makes you think that he will serve you now? And how can he send it to you you did not even make your email address visible in your profile.

Anyhow, this answer from SAP is indirect the documentation: Specifying Multiple Account Assignment - Purchasing (MM-PUR) - SAP Library

SAP clearly wrote that you have to set the indicator for Goods receipt non-valuated when you use multiple account assignment.

We have 252 discussions on that topic in SCN, find them using this search term: multiple account assignment GR non-valuated. There is not really a need to re-open a single one to ask an existing question again.

Since 2009 some years and releases have been past. And we can find wikis and documents and again numerous discussions in SCN explaining a new functionality that came with a business function of EHP4 in 2011: Multiple account assignment and valuated GR - ERP SCM - SCN Wiki .