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Redundant entries in the question list

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While viewing unanswered questions under ABAP tag I've noticed some questions appeared multiple times:

At first I thought someone accidentally posted a duplicate but then realized both entries lead to the same exact question. Only then I've noticed that it says "answered" and "edited".

IMHO the question list should be just a list of questions, not an activity log. We have enough scrolling to do as it is.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jelena,

I think more than a question being posted, you are interested when it is being answered (in case you seek information, which I believe is the majority of the community). Would you agree with that? Maybe we should just have question:

  1. Created
  2. Answered
  3. Question marked as correct

I deally you would be able to filter per your own choice.

I agree that "edited" shouldn't appear.



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I totally agree with you Jelena. The question roll page should be more content focused. However, would you say that we should keep activities such as comments and answers on the Questions roll page? I believe we show those currently. I am not the topic expert handling this Jelena. So I will forward this to the right team member. Thank you so much for your suggestion.

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We should only have questions in the question list. It is not the activity or comment or answer or whatever list. It's just the questions themselves that should be listed. If anyone is interested in a question they will open it and see all the activity there.

This worked perfectly fine on SCN before, so just "don't fix what ain't broken". I honestly don't understand why the new site was set up differently in the first place. Can't imagine who would possibly need this and what for.