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Ranking details for all individuals in particular module

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Previously we can able to see all the individuals ranks and company rankings in a particular module and over all

But now it restricted to top 10 only.

Any option is there to view all the participant ranks in a particular module and organisation ranks

where can I find these details?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Krishna,

The leaderboards we have today cannot show your rank in a specific space, in terms of points. We know that our gamification provider is working to fix that, but we have no estimation of when this can be done. Once it's fixed, you will be able to see the top 10 in your space of expertise, then what is your rank and the 9 people above and directly below you in terms of points.

I know you remember the old leaderboards where you could pick a certain time range, a country, one or two areas of expertise, etc. These were extensive leaderboards designed after years of customizations by SAP. Now that we moved on to a gamification platform we no longer have this granularity. My job is to advocate for our leaderboards to be going into that direction again, and that's why I'll be doing as I speak with our vendor.

Hope this answers your question.

Kind regards,


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HI Laure,

I am really glad to receive a reply from you,

The reason why I asked this query was whenever the rank get changed in old leader board in specific space it's always been motivation for me to work for the next level rank or a badge.The reason is simple instead of comparing with all the people of SDN (New gamification) its easy to compare with respective module.

So its not easy to reach the top level at a single shot for every one(like me ) for that need lot of efforts,knowledge and dedication is required. I strongly believe that this is the platform where we can get good knowledge,reputation and there is no second thought in it.

New gamification changes is really awesome, I really appreciate  your  constant efforts and each and every individual who are all working for this wonderful project.

we are also eagerly looking for new changes in gamification and ALL THE BEST for SDN.

Thank you very much for your precious time against my query.

Best Regards,

Krishna Kumar.

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