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"not authorized" after editing and publishing

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I was reading a very usefull document -, and I wanted to edit something (it mentioned tCode for product instead for order), so I clicked on "edit", edited, checked "minor change" and clicked on "publish".

Next thing - I recieved error message that I'm not authorized to view this content, the document disappeared from my bookmarks and if I go directly to its URL which I had by luck - I get "not authorized" message again.


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Answers (2)

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Hello Yulia,

don't panic.

I guess, the document went into the moderator queue again, since you re-published it (correctly). So no need to worry, it will be available, when a moderator has looked at it and gave it a thumbs-up again.

When you look at the people-tab of the space, this document is in (I hope, you know where is was *g*), you can see the moderator-list. You can mention them here (by @ and their name or by just copying their profile-url and pasting it, if you want a feedback, if the document is in their queue.



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is correct. The also apply to document edits as well as new content.

Unfortunately the document was rejected, perhaps there were a few other issues and it was best to remove it.  However, feel free to contribute your own document when you're ready. Please visit

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This document is either rejected by Moderator or someone just abuse reported for the document.