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Q&A Add number of replies after "Show replies" hyperlink

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In questions of the Q&A, there is a little test "Show replies" which you may expand to view the comments or post a comment.

I'm using the comments to request the author to better use the formatting options like the code beautification or to show the images inline instead of links to images.

I also take the time to re-post the images inline to give a change to all visitors to see the question with the images inline. But there's no way to know if there's at least one comment, so people need to expand the replies (click on "Show replies") to see if there's one, often without result (no comments). So, people may be discouraged to use "Show replies".

That could be different if there's the number of replies as suffix, e.g. "Show replies (3)".

Is it possible to do that?

Should we still use Customer Influence to ask for such requests, or can we avoid that for the first few months of the new SAP Community?

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I was told by the Customer Influence session will not be used for the current platform.

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