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Primary tags for Process Integration and Process Orchestration

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Dear 1DX team

I noticed that blogs from the current space are migrated to the SAP NetWeaver primary tag. This doesn't seem like an appropriate space as NetWeaver is a very wide area and therefore the blog is lumped with other non-related blogs in that primary tag.

Below is an example of a migrated blog post.

New - Concur - PO: Integration centric process for Standard Accounting Extract (SAE) posting - SAP Blogs

Old -

Currently in the Jive platform, and are in separate spaces. As the product line for Process Integration (PI) has merged into Process Orchestration (PO/PRO), I would like to suggest that contents from both these spaces be migrated to a single primary tag. Currently, it is not uncommon for OPs to open discussion threads in both forums which leads to a lot of unnecessary cross postings.

For the new primary tag, I'd suggest a naming that includes both the old product naming (Process Integration) as well as the new one (Process Orchestration) for the sake of continuity and "backwards compatibility".


Eng Swee

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. It was added to our feedback list. You can follow-up on its status here:

Thank you,


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Answers (1)

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Yes, very yes! These duplicated forums has bugged me for a while now. The new beta platform seems too simple, will get overwhelmed and unwieldy with the amount of content that goes through the normal PI forum.

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Hi Eng Swee, (and Aaron,)

The PMs and space editors for several of those related communities apparently agreed with you and submitted a more rational organization for the new 1DX ecology.  PI and PO will be grouped together in the latest submitted proposal for the Community Topic Page.  I believe that both items will have primary tags and both will be associated with the common CTP.  Need confirmation on this, but it looks good at the moment.

Cheers, Mike

SAP Technology RIG