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POS Outbound message WPDBBY

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I am trying to activate change pointers for the message standard WPDBBY but despite having the following conditions pointer produces no change.

- In transaction BD60 DECREE WDPBBY message prepared for the table BDCP2

- In transaction BD50 WPDBBY message is active for sending variations

- Table V_TBD62 (transaction bd52) I have the following fields generated pointer:

La tabla V_TBD62 para el mensaje WPDBBY

COND_N             KONDAT              DATAB

COND_N             KONDAT              DATAN

COND_N             KONDAT              DATBI

COND_N             KONDAT              KEY

COND_N             KONDN                BBYCUR

COND_N             KONDN                BBYCUSCARD

COND_N             KONDN                BBYNR

COND_N             KONDN                BBYRQMAX

COND_N             KONDN                BBYRQMIN

COND_N             KONDN                BBYSCALETYPE

COND_N             KONDN                BBYTYPE

COND_N             KONDN                BBYVAL

COND_N             KONDN                KEY

COND_N             KONDNS             BBYCUR

COND_N             KONDNS             BBYPER

COND_N             KONDNS             BBYRQMAX

COND_N             KONDNS             BBYRQMIN

COND_N             KONDNS             BBYVAL

COND_N             KONDNS             KEY

W_BBY                 KONBBYH           AKTNR

W_BBY                 KONBBYH           BBYNR

W_BBY                 KONBBYH           CRDATE

W_BBY                 KONBBYH           DATAB

W_BBY                 KONBBYH           DATBI

W_BBY                 KONBBYH           KEY

W_BBY                 KONBBYPRQ      BBYNR

W_BBY                 KONBBYPRQ      KEY

W_BBY                 KONBBYPRQ      MATNR

W_BBY                 KONBBYT            BBYNR

W_BBY                 KONDN                BBYNR

W_BBY                 KONDN                KEY

W_BBY                 KONDN                KNRMAT

W_BBY                 KONDN                KNR_AG

W_BBY                 KONDN                KNR_AK

W_BBY                 KONDNS             KEY

W_BBY                 KONDNS             KNRMAT

W_BBY                 KONDNS             KNUMH

W_PROMO         WAKH                   AKART

W_PROMO         WAKH                   AKTNR

W_PROMO         WAKH                   KEY

W_PROMO         WAKP                   KEY

W_PROMO         WAKP                   VKORG

- Promotion within the WAK3 Status B is "completely Treaty"

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance

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Answers (1)

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Hi Gabriel,

I'm facing the same problem. Have you got any any solutions??

Thanks in advance.