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Point earned by completing a mission assigned to wrong space

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Today, I was going through some blogs in Design Studio space. Soon after I commented on a blog, I completed the mission Answer Hero Plus and have been awarded 40 points. Now, the points are assigned to design studio space and I am now in 4th position in top contributors . I am just a learner in this tool but people can assume that I am an expert if they see myself in the top contributors list. Is it by design or a bug ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is designed.

As Answered hero Plus is a additional badge for Answer Hero, you will get the badge where you have posted you comment.

You can see the status for this badge is

So as per your last comment, the badge will update.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Arijit,

Yes, Dëv is right, the last action that got you to earn the mission decides which space the points will go to. In your case, the last action was done Design Studio and that's where you got your points. This is standard behavior.

Thank you Durgamadhab for the feedback about Answer Hero Plus and the point economy with other missions such as Super Answer Hero. We will think about it as we review our mission design this year - just to make sure our design still makes sense. As you know, gamification is constant change and adjustments are sometimes necessary 🙂

One aspect of gamification is to encourage certain behaviors, and if you want to encourage people more, you give more points, but I've come to realize that on SCN we should not think purely of gamification. This community is an ecosystem with a lot of various personalities, a lot of different missions, and harmony is important. Your feedback will be taken into account.



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I also had my reservation on this mission.. this is a mission which assigns 40 point just to like and comment on few blog post and the next mission which is answer hero super for which you need to answer correctly 100 questions and still assign 30 point..  This mission for me appears to be a black sheep in the mission and I am not sure why this mission which is suppose to be a hard mission is so simple one you have Answer Hero..

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About leader board no need to worry. After February 1st onwards leader board will corrected and will show the points which are >12 months.your name will be vanished.

its not the bug. its right one. Go to your profile Reputation --> missions, see the related mission and click on gear symbol. its shows the required actions to get that badges.

When you do 3 comments and 2 rating to doc/blogs you will get that badge. that mean you may rated the doc/blog which was related to  design studio.