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Please explain the expected benefit of "following" another SCN member

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Hello SCN support,

Today I saw in the SCN newsletter that a member I have been supposedly "following" since the new SCN went live has been publishing a blog series, which was news to me. What good is "following" another member if it does not include being notified of their activity? Yes, my profile is up to date. See files attached. Forget that, it is not letting me attach the files; "the content type is not allowed" , Oh I see, they are png files and it only lets you attach- oh, wait, it supposedly allows png files. Oh well, I guess that's another issue.

The (very small) png files I could not attach show that I am following the member and that my profile was updated.

I do get some direct messages on SCN, and I have been notified of some blog updates and comments on my own blogs.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Gretchen,

There are 2 two ways to keep up with people, content and place: Following and Tracking.

Following is for keeping up to date in a looser sense: updated appear in your followed activities stream only. This is what you'll see when you go to and select the tab followed activity.

If you want to be notified of all activities with push notifications, you'll want to both follow and track the person, content and place.  Tracking will list activities in your communication tab and push them to your eMail if you have that activated. To track someone or something, just click Track in Communications from the actions box.

Yes, this adds and extra step but does provide users different levels of engagement for different things.

Hope this clears it up.


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There is also a way to just follow without tracking, and still receive emails. Email-option "People, places and content I'm following (Followed Activity)" needs to be activated in the preferences for this.

That's what I'm doing to see every new post in the spaces that I moderate in my email inbox (dedicated for this purpose), and yet keep the communications tab lean by showing only items that I am directly involved in (mostly discussions that I started or replied to, or direct messages).

Now if only the (reported and filed as COMM-77) bug would be removed that prevents emails from being sent for new blogs in followed spaces...


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