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OSS Dependency / Impact Analysis

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While implementing OSS Notes, i frequently run into pre-requisite notes, which in turn have other dependent notes.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know upfront the list of dependent notes and objects involved by applying any single note.

SNOTE prompts you along the path of dependent notes only when you attempt applying the note. There is no simulation mode.

Hence, one cannot do any kind of meaningful impact analysis.

For example, i may want to implement a OSS note to fix a single Class method or Function module. However, the interdependcies end up changing 20-30 other objects. This then creates all kinds of side effects, which need to be resolved by applying more notes.

This expands the scope of the problem. necessiating regression tests for many teams.

Manually anticipating dependencies or doing impact analysis is painful. Are there any tools to make this easier ?.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jon,

Short answer, not yet.

My colleague has been part of making the Automated Notes Search Tool a reality and is currently discussing this as an additional feature to be added.

We will keep you in the loop regarding any enhancements.



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Thanks. Good to know. ANST is a very helpful tool already. This requirement will be like icing on the cake.

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Hi Jon, Kristen,

Without a doubt, It would be great to add to the list fo notes another list of notes that correct some side effects. If you are proposing a list of nptes to solve a problem, it doesn't make sense to propose a note as solution that has known side effects without warning.

e.g. The following list corresponds to a note search done by ANST:

Note       Title   Side Effect Prerrequisites

XXXXXXX Title 1   No           Yes(4)

YYYYY  Title 2   Yes(3)      Yes(1)

Double clicking would take you to the list of notes that correct the side effects. Same with prerrequisites.

Although I'm currently disengaged from the ANST team, I have discussed the idea witrh the software logistics team that currently maintain ANST and I hope we can see this feature in the future ANST.

Another proposal to add to the SAP correction notes (Implementation effort: Low, Medium, High)

Thanks a lot for your ideas,Jon!

Thanks a lot for notifying, Kristen!


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