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You may notice a change in search. It’s been updated to put us on a path of continual improvement as part of One Digital Experience / Community (1DX). 

The look and feel is closer to the One Digital Experience look that you will also see on SCN when we move to our new platforms in mid-2016.

Filters have also been simplified to help visitors find more relevant information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the search team at

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Answers (3)

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Hi, we have a configured presentation now that has the additional filters, but searching within the filter or viewing all values of a given filter is not possible with the new search right now.

You can see the presentation here:

We might roll this configuration as the default one to be used by SCN in the future.

Hope that it helps.


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I agree with William Gast. With new scn search we lost opportunity to sort by many application areas and places of scn forum. For example, the shows more sorting data than Please see the comparison of the same search word:

Thank goodness I can change the "find" to "search" in the link and get to old scn search. Otherwise I would waist more time to find needed info in small scn areas like Apllication Lifecycle Management or sap soltuion manager.

I hope our feedback will be heard.

Regards, Diana

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By making simplified filters  we appear to have now lost the ability to actually filter out unrelated items based on the Forum/Product (space Sub-Space) they were posted too.   Is there a way to do advanced filtering as the basic ones now are fairly useless and result in more non-relevant information.