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Mapping of old user names to new ones

Active Contributor

Because the user names were migrated to the new platform as display names, it is impossible to tell, who is who. I would like to contact some of them, because it looks like they stopped visiting the SAP Community since the migration, but I cannot be sure, because I do not know their current display name.

The new search functionality is nice, allowing us to search by users, tags, content and whatnot. However, unless a user's current display name happens to be close enough to their actual name, it is useless.

Click on 'My Account' (top right of the page, under your profile picture), and you get the old 'Following' and 'Followers' lists, with the old display names:


Click on any of them and you are sent to that user's pointless corresponding 'My Account' page. Nowhere can we see what each user's new Display name is. No way to sent them a private mesage.

The Community was taken out of the SAP Community. I would suggest that we add the new display name to the My Account page, or alternatively, we change the name of this site to just SAP.

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