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Making a field input enabled in ALV Grid in 4.6B

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Hi All,

Is it possible to make a field input enabled on ALV Grid in version 4.6 B

If it is possible could you please let me know as to what needs to be done inorder to make a field input enabled.

Thanks & Regards,


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Yes its possible in 4.6B.

Making ALV Grid Editable

This may be one of the mostly-used functionalities of the ALV Grid since as a

developer we prefer to use an ALV Grid instead of a table control for some reasons

that are known by all of you (at least for the sake of appearance). In fact, making the

ALV Grid editable has nothing to do with events. However, since controlling data

input which is explained in the next section is related, it is better that we deal with this

topic here.

To make a column editable, it will be sufficient to set the field “EDIT” in the

field catalog. The ALV Grid perceives if there are some editable fields and adds

buttons for editing purposes. If you do not need these new buttons, you know how to

exclude them.

To make individual cells editable, we will utilize the table we used for making

a cell a pushbutton. As you remember, it was of type “LVC_T_STYL”. If you have not

added this inner table, add it now. For this procedure; add the name of the field to the

field “FIELDNAME”, and pass “cl_gui_alv_grid=>mc_style_enabled” to make a

field editable and “cl_gui_alv_grid=>mc_style_disabled” to make a field noneditable,

to the field “STYLE”. You can use the one with “disable” when you make an

entire column editable and want just a few of cells along it non-editable. As you

remember from the pushbutton section we must tell the layout about this styling field.

e.g. ps_layout-stylefname = ‘CELLSTYLES’ .

Now, let’s solidify the procedure by code parts below. We want our column

“SEATSMAX” entirely editable except the case “CARRID” is ‘XY’ which is a rare case

and we want our cells along the column ‘PLANETYPE’ editable if their respective

‘CONNID’ fields contain the value ‘02’.

Assume we have added our style table (“CELLSTYLES”) to our list data table

and tell the layout structure about it and we adjust the field catalog so that the column

“SEATSMAX” has the property “EDIT” set to ‘X’.

FORM adjust_editables USING pt_list LIKE gt_list[] .

DATA ls_listrow LIKE LINE OF pt_list .

DATA ls_stylerow TYPE lvc_s_styl .

DATA lt_styletab TYPE lvc_t_styl .

LOOP AT pt_list INTO ls_listrow .

IF ls_listrow-carrid = 'XY' .

ls_stylerow-fieldname = 'SEATSMAX' .

ls_stylerow-style = cl_gui_alv_grid=>mc_style_disabled .

APPEND ls_stylerow TO lt_styletab .


IF ls_listrow-connid = '02' .

ls_stylerow-fieldname = 'PLANETYPE' .

ls_stylerow-style = cl_gui_alv_grid=>mc_style_enabled .

APPEND ls_stylerow TO lt_styletab .


INSERT LINES OF lt_styletab INTO ls_listrow-cellstyles .

MODIFY pt_list FROM ls_listrow .



Code Part 33 – Conditionally setting fields to be editable or non-editable

As usual, cell based settings override entire column settings. You can

dynamically switch between cases in any proper part of your execution. Just fill your

inner table as required and refresh table display; for entire column settings, set or

unset the property “EDIT” of the field catalog for the column and reset the field

catalog using “set_frontend_fieldcatalog”.

As the last condition to be met for editability, you must call the method

“set_ready_for_input” passing ‘1’ to the parameter “i_ready_for_input”.

Using this method you can switch between editable and non-editable mode. As

you guess, passing ‘0’ to the parameter while calling the method, switches to noneditable