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Logical database with AAK 5.0

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Hi ,

I need to create an add-on, type instalation using SSDC.

I have a problem, because the objects " R3TR LDBA " are been deteted when I create the Component Piece List.

The objects are classified like: Undeletable objects (Add-on deinstalation ) > Non-deletable objects found. I tryed define the objects like "Set Entries to 'Completed'", but it didn´t work.

After this the programs that use this logical databases couldn´t be actived.

I don´t know what to do.

Best regards,

Adriana Medeiros

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Former Member
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Hi Adriana,

   the message you get during the object list check is releated to the Add-On deletion/uninstallation. It means that for now there is no handling defined for the Logical database object during the deletion/uninstallation. This check is only relevant in case you would like to define your Add-On as deletable after installation.

    Choosing "Set Entries to Completed" should keep the logical DB-objects on the piecelist.

    If this is not the case, please open a ticket with SAP support under XX-PROJ-AAK. Important would be that a remote connection to the system exists so SAP support could logon and investigate.


    Hans-Ludwig Schneider

    SAP AAK development

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