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lifecycle of s-users

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Hello 🙂

I worked for several years for a company, using the s-user (1) they gave to me to access the marketplace and the SDN, then passed a SAP certification privately, where I received from SAP another s-user (2), then started to work for a new company, where they gave me a new s-user (3), now I just took part of a course and received another s-user (4).

It's four s-users that I have now registered in SDN, two attached to the same customer, one that I should no more use (in the marketplace, but that I'd like to be able to use or recover in some way in SDN) and the fourth one which is belonging to me privately.

Wouldn't be easier to have a single s-user which will be attached/detached to customers following the career of the "owner", of the physical person, instead of having to manage all these s-users ? I'm not changing work as frequently as other consultants, I'm wondering how many ghost s-users are there in SAP systems...thousands ? millions ? 😕



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Nicola,

S-user IDs are not issued by SCN so we won't be able to support your query here. 

If you need to merge past accounts into your new one, please send the request to offline support at



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I had about 20 S-users so far. The former employer/client is responsible for deactivation of such IDs, in my opinion.

I don't have experience with S-users for certifications and courses, but getting a new one every time sounds strange indeed.

For all SCN activity, by the way, I'm using my one and only P-user, so I never run into the problems of ID merging and points/history transfers.