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Language selection in SAP Community and SAP Support portal


Hello all,

could anybody explain me what does the language selection, when I write a question here in the community or when I open an incident in the support launchpad.

I thought, it is necessary other readers with a different browser language, so that in both applications, my question text could be translated in there.

And, that there answers could be retranslated in my language. Is it so or what is it about the language selection?

Maybe an explanation in the form could be helpful.


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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi Thomas,

on SAP Community, if you want to post a question in another language than English, you can select Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese. Otherwise the default selection is English.

There is no translation service when selecting one of the currently supported languages.

If you search for content in SAP Community selecting Q&A as content type, it is possible to filter for questions posted in these languages.

Best regards


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Ah ok,

thanks for that. But to be honest, why should I ask a question other then English?

Even though SAP is a German company, most of the content, such as manuals, etc., is in English. And if I really want to get help in the forum, then from my experience it is mandatory to ask it in English.

Another example of this would be SAP support. If I open an Incedent in German, it usually takes 1-2 months to get an answer. However, if I write it in English, I get an answer much faster.

So I think that this feature is quite nice, but has no real added value unless there is a translation service behind it. The non-English speaking community is just too small in the IT business. Even the Open SAP courses are in English, I just remembered.

Greetings, Thomas