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Issues in using Beta version.. can we continue using the earlier version.. please?

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I am not sure if I am the only one but the new Beta seems to be a lot more complicated in understanding the basics specifically when i compare it with the existing version For all these issues listed please check the word doc for screenshots

I have not added it as BUG since I am not sure if I it really is a bug or a gap in my understanding.

Issue 1 Going to Questions and answers. I am searching with SRM keyword link below The list shows the result and date shows ‘Yesterday’

When I open the query it shows posted on May 20 and in some cases back to 2007. So why is this showing a wrong date?

Issue 2: How do I know which one are answered like the yellow mark and green mark we have in questions is no longer shown here

Issue 3 : When I click on Browse the community it shows me the entries based on

A to Z and no other option to sort by date etc this is weird as opposed to showing the latest information which is what I am used to seeing in the old SCN


Old :

Issue 4: how do I see my points No details about the points and how many points to next level etc..

I also saw the country being shown incorrectly although the data I am using is the same It should have shown India ?

Also the pic which I have in old SCN is now really migrated ?

Issue 5 : Some other features which I use regularly seems to be missing

-To see only my content

- To see all contents

- To see the posts I am following

- To browse people

- To see my ranking , mission , expertise

  Issue 6 : No Blogs shown when I try to search for the SRM specific blogs


  1.      Can we continue using the old SCN or we have to force ourself to learn the newer version if yes whats the expected timeline to go Live?
  2.      The content we post in the SAP Older and newer versions are they in sync ? I do see my contents in the newer version which was posted on the older version but not sure if vice versa works as well ?
  3.     What does archive blogs means ? Are they going to be deleted soon
  4.     How do we post in the new community I do not see any option to create  a discussion / document or blog
  5.     I see an option in dropdown from Community >> Blogs  and question and answers. Where is the option for showing the documents?




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Thank you for your post, you are certainly not alone with that experience, and it shows the trouble experienced SCNers might have with the new platform, or even from a point of real freshers who may see it the first time.

#1 I am also not a fan of this "yesterday. 2 days ago, last week"-anonymization, the data is present in the post, so just show instead of translating it.

and I tested your findings and you are right. I entered "SRM" as search term, picked the "Issue with SRM Track Shopping Cart"  discussion which shows "2 days ago"

and when I open it I see the creation date of May 20, 2015 at 08:30 AM and the  last post to the discussion on September 29, 2015 at 13:21 PM.

Only thing that I can imagine is that someone added a new reply which is currently under moderation and cannot be seen by anybody. Anyway the date is confusing. Sorry that was nonsense, one cannot add a reply to a archived discussion, so it seems it is eventually the day of migration. Need to be analyzed

#2 You are right, it can't be seen in the search and would be a real nice feature.

It can already be seen if you just browse

Inline-Bild 1

# 3 Browse the Community is compareable with Browse places today:  So I think sorting by alphabeth is kind of okay, make use of the filters on the left.

# 4 There are no more points in the new SCN, it gets replaced by Karma


Pictures are not migrated. see answer in

The flag is also confusing me, as it is uncertain if it referes to the language or to your nation.

#5 you can see your own content in

you can see the content you are following by clicking your avatar and then Followed Activities in the context menu

Ranking will not be availabe like it is, missions will come in future, see

For the rest mentioned by you I have also not found a convenient way so far.

#6 is not repeatable, if I click your link then I find 202 blogs

Q1: It is a clear NO for the current platform and a YES for getting used to the new version. But such feedback like yours is helping to make the new platform better, by knowing what features  the people really miss, where they have issues in navigation and what they like.

Q2: No, the versions are not in sync. Blogs were migrated over to Beta around August 22. Discussions will be migrated into an archive. Nothing what you post in Beta will survive the GoLive, nothing will flow from Beta to the current SCN.

Q3: I haven't yet heard nor seen "archived blogs", I know about discussions which will be migrated into an archive. Archive means you can search content of the archive, you can read, but you cannot reopen or add further question to those discussions.

Q4: you can post your question in

In general you can start by clicking your avatar and then you select "Ask a Question" from the context menu.  However, based on the feedback that many people did not find that a new Actions menu is available for a few days, directly below the avatar.

Q5: Documents will be migrated into blogs, tests are ongoing.

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Hey Juergen

So for the ones where you agree I should ideally be reporting it as bug now that you confirmed it does not work for you as well

Also in the new mission page they mention about the new missions but these do not show up in My missions section which is how it generally works

List of SAP Community BETA Missions - SAP Blogs

Anyway I will try to keep exploring if I haven't lost the will to cope up to the newer version...

Thanks again



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Hello Vinita,

the "Beta Tester" badge does show in your mission overview. The others are missions on the Beta platform. You can only earn them there (and they will disappear come GoLive).



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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To stay updated for the new SCN beta, you may follow,

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Old SCN still remains, Beta SCN is in testing mode till now, Perfect Launch date not confirmed yet. And about matter syncing, the team is trying to get every type of feedback from the user end. You may follow,

So if you feel that you faced Bug issue somewhere, you can always, report them by starting a discussion in the SCN Open Beta space.