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Issue while loading flat file (csv format) to SAP BW 7.1

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I am newbie to SAP BW and while loading a csv formatted file, i am getting the following message, after creating the infoPackage and executing. The file is never completed processing. Let me know if am missing any configuration to load flat files to SAP BW.

Request still running


No errors found. The current process has probably not finished yet.

System Response

The ALE inbox of BI is identical to the ALE outbox of the source system


the maximum wait time for this request has not yet been exceeded


the background job has not yet finished in the source system.

Current status

Not all reported data packets arrived.

More details below:

Overall status: missing messages or warnings

Requests (messages): Everything OK (Green)

Extraction (messages): Errors occurred [Yellow]

   Data request received (Green)

   Data selection scheduled (Green)

   8 Records sent ( 0 records received )  [Yellow]

   Data selection ended (Green)

Transfer (IDOCs and TRFC): Missing messages [Yellow]

Processing (data packet): Warning received.

I searched sdn and SAP ducumentation and did not find resolution. Any help is appreciated.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Murthy,

I too am  facing the same problem and could not find any solution.

Were you able to get any solution.Any response would be much helpful.



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Hi Radhika

Make sure to have the PCFILE defined in WE20 (Partner Profiles-->Partner Type LS). If it does not exist create a new one. I fixed myself after figuring it out.

Hope this helps in your case.



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Hi Murthy,

Do you mean the Name of source system (PCFILE) to be maintained in WE20? I have already checked this and it exists in WE20. But still unable to resolve the error.Can you please let us know if you had taken any other step to resolve the error.