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I am really upset about the silly words filter

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I have a very polite question about programming problems in the sap environment.

I have now lost three ours of my little time trying to post it. Only to post it!

I get always the message " We are sorry but your message can not be posted since you have used forbidden words/phrases. Please edit your post according to the forum guidelines and re-post."

I have read the guidelines.

I have tried to misspell words concerning my problem but which might be on the forbidden list.

I have sent an electronical message to craig cmehil asking him what's wrong in my post, but never got an answer.

I have changed all letters to low, which is much work if you quote function modules and so on using cut & paste from the sap gui.

Is it a developer forum or what?

sdn (in low letters :-[=] ) is getting completly useless if you can't post your questions.

You are killing it.

I have not much time. Sometimes I had a look at sdn sometimes I answered a question.

I will avoid sdn if you don't stop this!

We should discuss this at the next tech-ed if we want to destroy sdn by silly intransparent time consuming annoying filters. May be we should open a new sdn without such filters.

We don't have time for this kind of bad jokes.

Relly upset

Riccardo Escher

Osram GmbH

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IMO the content filters are very usefull to prevent people for a moment from doing a "no brainer", where the duration of that moment is directly proportional to the volume of the skull which is not occupied by brain. It is not really designed to stop everybody, but rather trigger a moment's reflection (which you seem to have done already before continuing...

To continue, the workaround mentioned by Thomas (using the edit) works fine.

What would be usefull is if the content filter would highlight which word in the text is causing the violation.



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the idea of highlighting the improper/unacceptable words is good. A step going forward in that direction would be put a link some where in SDN(Perhaps rules of engagement), giving examples where threads have to be removed / not accepted stating the reason so thats its very clear. It will help transparency, in what kind post can get filtered. Offcourse the name of user is not required while educating this idea.

I guess it will help to drive a healthy culture of posting on SDN in the long term.


sadhu kishore

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I have not had a problem with my last 500 posts. I also think the tone of your post is much too apocalyptic.

While I am sorry that you had this specific problem, the overall effect of the filter and other measures has been very positive.

Tip: when editing existing posts, the filter does not seem to be effective, so maybe you can get your post in like this, and we can see where the bad word is (maybe "email"?). As long as you haven't switched to the new SDN yet...


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Have you considered mailing your text to so they can see the possible silliness in the filters? I agree it can be very annoying not knowing what to fix to get your mesage through but the (valid) defense so far is that showing the blocked words would make it easier to circumvent the filters....

It is a pity the community as a whole needs such filters, but I think we really do...

Just my 2 cents


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if you filter postings and mails and send messages per e-mail automatically to the sender, than make no blunder:

Yesterday I get an e-mail, which refers to an posting of 2006

warm regards