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How to find/track a planned/released innovation item of the roadmap for a SAP cloud product?

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Hi all,

Hope this platform can help me faster than the customer support / engagement manager / digital assistent.

I'm looking into the SCIM ability of the SAP Cloud Platform (Identity Access Governance).

So on the roadmap I find this particular interesting innovation item (Open SCIM interface), planned for Q4 2020.

So how do I

  • get notified when it's released? and/or
  • follow the release? How is the release cycle based/communicated for the cloud products?

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Thank you for raising your question!

Currently Road Map Explorer is not offering a notification option. However, you may mark the innovations as your "favorite" in order to periodically follow them on SAP Road Map Explorer.
Please note to adjust the time frame accordingly (from Current to Latest) so you can view the past quarters as well.
Please see the below screenshots indicating how to include an innovation to Favorites.

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Thanks Basak,

do you also know anything about the change cycle?

So for instance... where I can I see the release cycle of this IAG product? Is it monthly? quarterly?

Many thanks,


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Hi Yee-Tee,

If you could contact us via, we would be happy to find you the right point of contact for your further questions.

Thank you and best regards,