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How to find a question?

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I recently made a question about 3 days ago. Where can i find it? There is no link to "my questions" or something that show MY questions.

I searched for th title i gave it, but the list of answers matching my search is not even sorted and there is no sort filter.

One more thing all the questions are together, there is no sub-forum , or categories, is all based in tags now? So if in dont find a exact tag my question will be most ignored and never answered?

Thanks in advance

pd. just to put an example, there is no tag for sap community!!

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hi, Carlos:

Is this the question you mean?

Jürgen provided a link that should help you find the right tags. The recently revamped Browse the Community page ( also provides another entry point into topics/tags.

Best regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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click your avatar and in the context menu again you avatar (select edit my profile) to get into your profile and there you can find your questions (you may have to refresh the page if not all questions are shown immediately).

A good way to search the community is with Google. See this blog with details for a good search

Exact, if you post with wrong tags then your question is a kind of lost, without the proper tag, the right people will not see your question and those that do see are not likely be able to provide a solution.

Via the menu Community > Overview you will actually find all important instructions in the Getting started section on the right:

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