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How to filter a country specific topic like "Iran" and to exclude user names?

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When I am looking for the term "Iran" I get 150 hits from different users with the name "Iran" but what I want is the country specific information. How can I exclude the user names?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I found something in the advanced user documentation for the search:

Advanced End User Docs - Documentation - Documentation

Multiple Values

Use the tilda(~) delimiter between values to include more than one value for a specific field with the syntax: f=FIELD:value1~value2~value3 (the ~ delimiter uses an "OR" logical operator). Example; 

Will include results from both and

This means that if you want to search for Iran in blog and press, the search url will be:

What you need to do is, find the different coding for all types (switch on/off the filters and copy the name) and add them to the url I gave you.

I did not see a not option, but I haven't read the complete documentation yet, probably I should do that before October 10th .


It is better to use quote marks for the search criteria, otherwise fuzzy search is triggered, and it produces bad results in your case.

The proper link should be:"iran"&n=1&p=default&repo=srh&f=TYPE:blog~press~page~discussion~document~support note and kba

Notepad++ is great, but we should not need such tools to search a website in 21st century.

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Answers (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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You would have to choose different content types. Unfortunately you cannot select multiple types or exclude one.

User profiles are problematic in this sense (try searching for ABAP) and the team is working on a way to demote these in favor of other content types.