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how to connect to .csv in crystal 2020

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Trying to figure out how to connect to .csv data source in crystal 2020. any help would be appreciated. I cant get it to work.

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I recommend trying to add the Microsoft text ODBC driver as outlined here

I couldn't do it on my laptop as I don't have admin privileges...but I think it *might* work. Then you could try adding the ODBC connection.

but this is for crystal 2013 I need to learn how to do it for crystal 2020.

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I've been searching a lot for a solution to this. We recently installed 4.3 SP02p07 and all the reports where we used text csv files as datasource need to be updated. Has everyone just figured something else out rather than continue to use csv files as a datasource?

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This is for crystal 2013. I need to know how to do it for crystal 2020. There is no Access/Excel (DAO) option anymore. Please advise. thanks!