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hi team

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i am facing some issue in SAP BASIS if anyone is avaiable to give the please it to me my questions are following :-

1.) disp+work process is stopped so how i can restart it ?

2.) when i hit ST02 transcation my system show swap in RED now how i can remove this error without restarting MMC ?

3.)i want to create 500 users at a time how it comes possiable?

4.)When i call Transaction ST03 ..showing error Unknown Period Type(D)..

5)i want to bind my SAP LOGIN id to my system IP address is it possiable?? if yes so how is it possiable? means whenever we check user performance it should be idendentfiy by IP ADRESS ......

6.)suppose  i have 5 login ID    so only this five should be login in a single machin if apart of those five any one want try to login to that particular machine so it should not able to login in that machin is it possiable.............

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1. Check the /usr/sap/SID/DEVBMGSXX/work/ log dev_disp and try to troubleshoot it. Mostly it could be memory issue.

2. ST02 error can not be removed without restart, and always that errors are harmful its not mandatory. Those can be avoided based on the memory parameters and business use.

3. You can use either SCAT option or you need to ask developer to create a program by which you can create use giving text file and create the user.

5. Its not possible.

6.Not possible.



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Hi Prashant

do you have any idea how to configure SCAT . because as per my knowledge we can do ECATT Script . and second thing is we can bind IP ADDRESS to login via ABAP program .


Ankush Mehra

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Hi Ankush:

You can use LSMW instead SCAT.



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