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Excel quotation marks / VBS to SAP

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Hi guys!

Im new SAP user 🙂

I made a script in sap, to export information from excel. The original script was originated through executions within SAP, and later I adapted so that the information updated according to the excel data.

the marked cells change with the excel information, and then i save in VBS and run the script in SAP.

The big problem is, as the SAP field information needs to be enclosed in double quotes (" "), I'm not able to adjust this automatically.... just manually right in the VBS TXT!

Does anyone have any tips or an easier way?

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Community Manager
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The ASCII code for quotes is 34 (22 for HEX, 042 for OCT). Depending on the coding language, you would use the appropriate function to generate the ASCII character for quotes. For example, in VB it's chr(34)