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Email notification for SAP GUI releases

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In the thread it says: In case you are interested in receiving a notification when official information about SAP GUI for Windows (like availability of a new version) has been posted to this forum, please activate the "Receive email notifications" feature in this Topic. However, there is no such feature, neither on the page of the thread nor in my account settings.

How can one subscribe to email notifications for new releases of the SAP GUI?

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There is an interim solution for the Java GUI ( Notification on SAP GUI for Java News - Additional Topics - SCN Wiki )... see the discussion on this link. SAP Gui Notification service and changelog - SAP Answers

You could try setting a watch on this wiki page -> SAP GUI Family - Additional Topics - SCN Wiki

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Hello Cles,

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, I do not have much information on the thread that you shared here. I can confirm however that such functionality is not available in SAP Community yet. Since launch, we have been able to include the blogging, Q&A, Profile, and some other micro services to appear in Notifications. As it stands, developer or product related notifications are not integrated yet. However, I am happy to let you know that once we have refined the Notification service further and resolved some of the known issues with it, we definitely plan on expanding this service to include functionality similar to the one that you requested.

You can read more about what Notifications ARE available here:


Sajid Amir