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Different Login Option - A Design mistake?

Active Contributor

Hello all!

After the last release/merge of SAP Community, I noticed there is a different behavior and option to login into SAP Community/SAP Website.

If you click on the little profile icon on the main page you can login only with username and password

Instead, if you land in one of the sub website, like you are still able to connect via one of your linked social account such as Twitter or Linkedin

Why cannot we have again the login via social accounts even on main page?

It was there already... 😞

Undocumented feature?

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Answers (1)

Hi Simone,

I'd not say it's a design mistake, however I agree that social media login options should be available on as well as on SAP Community sites.

Best regards,

Active Contributor

Uhm... incoherent design? UX failure? 🙂