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difference between sap community and sap community wiki



Please what the difference between sap community and sap community wiki ?

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Assuming that by SAP Community you mean the site:

SAP Community Wiki is a part of SAP Community. It may not seem so, considering that the look and feel is a bit different.

It is used as a repository for FAQ or for content that is not very suitable for a blog or the content is posted there due to certain limitations of the other platforms.

Unlike in Blogs (currently) in the wiki you can collaborate on content - there can be multiple authors for a single page. You receive no reputation points for updating content, though, at least for now.

For some reason, the wiki is not much integrated with the Answers and the Blogs part of the site. Also, if you navigate to the user profile from the wiki - it is different, not the one from (at least SSO is working when you click on the Log in button).

Most of the content is old, but there are some frequently updated spaces like SAP Fiori for S4HANA.

Unlike Answers and Blogs, in the Wiki they try to maintain some hierarchical structure of the posted content, while in the other parts of the site they rely on tags.

In the broader sense SAP Community are all people who collaborate on SAP topics. It does not have to be just posting content here, one can participate in events, for example.

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Hi Nagar.

SAP community wiki - the free encyclopedia. SAP Community Network (SCN) is the official user community of SAP SE. SAP software users, developers, consultants, mentors and students use the SAP Community Network to get help, share ideas, learn, innovate and connect with others.

SAP Community means the way you are asking question to get the clarity.