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Dashboard calculations.

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To understand my question you must look at the attachement.  I am using a grid to display data on the dashboard to determine aproblem of incorrect data on the graph.

To get the value displayed in the top grid I used this formula:  =If(O7=””,””,INDEX($D$7:$D$100,O6))

To get the value for O6 I used the formula:  =If(OR(N7=””,N7>=C7,””,N7+1)  which is used in the second grid.  That is how I determined the position 4 to position 8.  Position 4 to 7 give the correct values as shown in the attachement, but on position 8 it display a total funny value.  Then again position 20 to 22 display the correct value and thereafter it go funny again.

If someone can assist I will really appreciate it.



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Post the same in  SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards.