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Creating Spool with PDF Documents in GOS

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Dear Experts.

Ich hope you can help me. For my company I have to search for a way to print PDF Attachments from GOS automatically (in an own report).

One example:

In Transaction VF02 you can change or create a billing document.

Then you can choose the Button 'Services for Object' on the bottom of the page and show the attachment list.

This service is available in many other transactions and functions and I need to create a spool of this pdf files. At best in one spool with alle the files if possible.

I create a report and read the Files with the function SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1 and get a Table of structure SOLISTI1... works fine. But how can I create a pdf spool of this documents? I found an other discussion with the notice to use the report RSPO0023 . This one creates a Spool (Function Module ADS_SR_OPEN) but how can I Transfer the content of my pdf Documents to it.



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Hello Experts.

Is there no way to print the pdf Attachements automatically and to have them in sp01? Or add them to an existing Adobe Form? Maybe we can change the SAP Script to Adobe Interactive Form to have a pdf spool where we can attach the Documents in GOS?

Regards Michael