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content moderated because new to SCN

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when creating a dscussion in data warehouse forum, I got the message, that my content needs to be moderated bacause my points level shows that I am new to SCN.

Well - how do you define "new" and what is a low points level???

With more than 2.000 Points and 15 years of experience in SAP BW I do not agree to this message.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Honestly, we have now more than 100 discussion about this alert. This is noting, just for spammer. I truly can understand it is quite annoying to see that message at that point of level. But due to some spam attack (on last some months), any person can get this alert. You may read some more details in this document

You can't believe, I saw a discussion where a moderator was complaining about the same alert and her post is gone under her own moderation. Here it is

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