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Concatenated List sorting

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I have a table with a Location, Country, Year, Month, and Total(Integer).

I need to create a concatenated list of all of the countries per location, with the total.

The intended final product would look like this:

Year Location Month Countries

2023 SPW October Mexico(14), Honduras(9), Canada(1), Colombia(1)

I can concatenate the list already, to include the totals, but the order is in descending Alphabetical Order:

I am using the following Variables:




=[CONCAT_CITIZENSHIP] Where([Subject Citizenship Code]=[MAX_CITIZENSHIP])


=[Subject Citizenship Code] + " (" + [TOTAL] + ")" + ", " + Previous(Self)


=Max([Subject Citizenship Code]) In ([Fiscal Year];[Sector];[Month])

I realize the CONCAT_CITIZENSHIP variable is what is sorting the list of citizenships in ascending order.

Also that the MAX_CONCAT_CITIZENSHIP variable is what "stops" the concatenation list at the correct point.

What I can't seem to figure out is if there is a way to sort the final list by the Totals in descending order, and ideally if there is a tie, to then sort alphabetically.

I realize that this may not be possible, but I thought I would ask. Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hello Tyler,

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