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Citrix/Apache Tomcat port conflict

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Weu2019re having a problem with a Citrix site that is hosted on the same server as SAP. The issue basically boils down to a port conflict between Citrix and an Apache Tomcat service competing over the same port. Troubleshooting is indicating that the Apache Tomcat service is somehow related to SAP, but Iu2019m not sure exactly what itu2019s doing or the importance of its role.

Weu2019ve had this problem before and we've been able to resolve it using several different methods, none of which are working this time. In short we are wondering if we could confirm the role of the Tomcat service within SAP (is it client side or server side) and either get suggestions on how to change the port itu2019s going after or disable the service altogether.

Any information is appreciated.



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I don't know of any SAP software using Apache Tomcat. Are you really sure that you need Tomcat for a SAP server ?