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Can we create Custom CDS Value Help with combination of CBO and Standard CDS View?

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Guide : Value Help - SAP Help Portal

As per guide we understand that we can create value helps by creating Custom CDS View with “value help” option.
Question : Can we create Custom CDS value help with combination of Custom business object and standard CDS .

Steps followed :
1. Created custom business object. Create custom CDS view with “Value Help” option
2. Select Custom business object as primary data source ( No data )
3. Standard CDS view as associated data source ( Data Exist ).

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes, it's possible to create Custom CDS Value Help with Custom Business Object and Standard CDS View. However, you'll need to always follow the prerequisites below:

  • You have checkmarked Can Be Associated in the custom business object you want to associate.
  • You have used the associated custom business object view as Primary Data Source in the Custom CDS Views app.

Feel free to follow the steps that you provided in the case, it should work. For more information you can also check the documentation SAP Help - Adding a Value Help with the Custom CDS Views App and the SAP Blog Post. In the SAP Blog Post, you will notice that in the "Fig.2" the Custom CDS View used as example has the Custom Business Object as primary datasource and the standard CDS View associated.


Hi Team,

We referred to same blog but we are not able see any data in CDS preview.

Posted below question.

Adding standard CDS view as Value Help for Custom Business Object fields | SAP Community



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