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can i edit my own blog?

good day.

in the past i was able to edit my blog posts after publishing them. With the move to the new community, this seems not to be possible anymore.

Is it possible for me to edit my own published blog post? I am not talking about comments, but the blog post itself.


example: SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Science... - SAP Community 

I need to remove that huge space.


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Answers (2)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @oliver_nuernberg,

You can edit your blog posts.
Please look for the little arrow above the date and time on top of your blog post (top right). It will open a menu where one option is "Edit Article". 

Best regards,

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..nope..that's what i tried but the edit option isn't there. 


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My blog post was migrated to the “SAP for Life Sciences” group. Once I joined that group I was able to edit my blog.