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Blogging Level. Access not working

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I have completed the profile questions for blogger entry level. However this still does not allow me to contribute.

I have also logged in and out of the system and I still have the same issue.,

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hi Matthew,

Please re-check to make sure you completed all of the actions from Step 4 in the Tour the SAP Community tutorial:

  • Follow a tag
  • Follow a person
  • Follow a blogpost
  • Follow a question

Make sure you have done every action required in that step (pressing Done in the tutorial will not change the permissions if you have not done the actions).

Once you have completed these steps, please log out and log in again.

You will know you have completed all of the required items for the permissions change if you see the following badge as completed in your profile:

Hello World

If you have that badge in your profile and you still cannot submit a blog post, please let me know, and include your SAP profile link (mine is juliarusso, for example).



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This is not clearly defined anywhere that I could find.

I followed the exact process and answered the questions. Upon answering the questions and requirements that this system demonstrated was needed for blogging access this turned out to be inaccurate.

After the completion this site provided me with a clear indication that blogging access was now granted and I may now contribute. If you like I can step through the whole process again with a new account and demonstrate this to you.

The only other troubleshooting steps clearly provided was to log out and log back in again. Which again did not yield the results from the definded application process where the clear indication and message informed me I now had been granted blog and contrubter access.

These new addictional steps you have just forwared me are not mentioned anywhere in the signup and approval process that I was submitted to and the indicated granted access message was clearly displayed.

My system message gave me the very clear indication that all steps were completed and I was granted blogging permission.

Due to time wasted here and the inaccurate indications I wont be contributing my expetise here.

Good luck with it all.

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Futhermore. Due to the over complexity of this site and the non user friendly naviagion I will not be taking part in your community.

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