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Blog comments should be reversed order

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I think after a blog the first comment should be the latest. If there are a lot of comments (eg. the mission page has 70 now) it takes a long time to scroll to the bottom and it looks better if you see immediately that the conversation of the topic is still alive and people are still commenting.

And the 'Add comment' button should be above the comments AS WELL. I see it's already added to the feedback list to put it there, but if there are lots of comments, it should be at both places, or somewhere on the side floating around - visible all the time.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Attila,

Thank you for taking the time to actively review and give feedback on the new Beta system.  As you mentioned, these feedback items are already included in our list of comments to our development team and these are currently in the Under Review status.  Thank you again and keep using the Beta system to let us know how we can make your Community experience even better.



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