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Anyone else have conflict between their S-User ID and P-User ID?

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How can I make my S-User ID profile the default or primary, so when I log in using my email address, it logs in at the S-User level.

Is it just me who thinks that SAP's online support website is very kludge and overly complicated? It took me 3.5 hours to obtain a S-User ID. I was compelled to obtain a S-User ID because a P-User ID does not give adequate access to the content and KB articles. Since the P-User is useless relative to an S-User ID, I'm confounded as to why a P-User level would be the default when signing in with an email address??? Why am I logging in with an email address...because my S-User ID is not easy to commit to memory.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I follow a few rules and I have no problems with logins.

1. If possible - do not use the same e-mail address for your P* and S* user ID. Using your corporate e-mail for P* user is a bad choice in general, because if you switch employers and you cannot perform password recovery, you may lose control over the content which you have created with the P* user, you will the reputation (some members care about this a lot), with each new new user ID you will need to re-follow the content and members which you followed with the previous account, etc. Your current user ID is new, you have no reputation points and badges, no connections - if I were you, I would just create a new P* user ID with a personal e-mail.

2. If you cannot or do not want to use separate e-mail addresses - use the P* or S* number. KeePass is allowed in most organizations where I have been, I use it to log in to various sites, I even use it for SAP GUI login.

3. I never save login credentials in my browser, and I use Firefox with multi-account containers. With this feature I can log in with my P* and my S* user simultaneously with the same browser.


Good suggestions...thanks Veselina. I've requested SAP to change my email on my P-User account to a personal email. They have yet to do it, but I think that will improve my experience with their website. I'll have to look into KeePass and using the multi-account setting in Firefox. I knew you could launch IE as a separate session, but I didn't know Firefox had that option as well.

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