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Additional Fields (Z) in Customer account Coding Block are not filled in GLPCA table.

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I need help regarding adding fields from customers (Custom Fields) for account assignment Coding block. Were created by 2(two) Z’s Costumers Fields (Tcode OXK3), fields that were added in include CI_COBL.


These fields were added to multiple tables: COBL, COVP, COEP, BSEG. However for EC–PCA - table (GLPCA) fields are added and displayed by ABAP (not by OXK3), but are not populated.


To inform you that the postings profit center and primary cost element fail to use the GLPCA and searching data in BSEG table because there have Actual Line Items with field data from the client. But for Actual Line Items in profit center and
Secondary Cost Element, the only table that I know is GLPCA, thereby completing these required fields in this table, which is the object of my inquiry.


Report that was still opens an Incident at SAP to explain whether this is a problem or even the lack of this feature for GLPCA table.

Another question:  anyone know another table where we have actual line items for Profit Center and secondary Cost Element?

Thank you for your attention and if you have any additional information about this topic please let us know.


Regards ,

Eudócio Marinho

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Report that found the note: 92864 - Include fields in line-item, which contains the directions on how to add customer fields in GLPCA table. Through Enhancement  (ZENH_APPEND_GLPCA_REPORT) we included in the program RCOPCA02 populated fields of client is possible in GLPCA table. Note that this update should include
in the program BSEG and COEP tables to include all line items of the profit center accounting.

Without more,


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Dear ,

I'm facing the issue to add customer field in GLPCT.

We want to add an customer characteristics in library.And now I have add the Z field in GLPCA and RPCA2 by append structure, but I have no idea how to insert data to the table glpct&glpca.

Could you give some instruction to me?

Thanks for your attention.

Best Regards,


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Hello Eudocio,

Please check if this one is helpful:

KE5Z - Additional text fields missing - ERP Financials - SCN Wiki