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Accessing SDN Archives

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I am currently able to view only month old content related to my followed activity.

How can i access archives for older period?



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Sorry, but please clearly explain your issue! Step by step to reproduce!

SDN is a wrong term, now it's simply Community. "Archive" is also not related to the current activity...

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Answers (2)

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I agree with the advice that Jurgen shares here. In my opinion, the activity stream is not the ideal place to search for older content. The question roll pages, blog roll pages filtered by the desired followed tag and sorted by "created" is a quicker method to find content that has been published a while ago. The respective Tag page would also be a better outlet to dig for such information. The activity stream is more useful for more recent updates and activities.

jrgen.lins I am not 100% sure what the exact time-frame of available activities is for the activity stream currently. Please allow me some time to investigate further. Thanks for looping me in and making me aware of this aspect of our service. Just brainstorming here, but ideally, would you say that users need access to ALL the activities that were ever sent to their respective activity stream, given the many other places where content can be organized more efficiently and chronologically?


Sajid Amir

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That is a kind of a philosophy question.

I personally follow the 31 tags that I moderate plus about 250 people. This means my followed activities are pretty packed and it would take me hours of clicking the more button to get to the end of the activities even it shows just 1 month right now.

So the 1 month limit when displaying "all followed activities" would be far enough for me.

However, this immediately changes if I restrict the selection, either to a certain tag, or by activities, or even in combination, because then I am much quicker at the end of the activities.

And so I can imagine that users who follow a tag with moderate activity are not really seeing much with a limitation of 1 month and get then the impression that the party is over for this topic.

Since the usability isn't really great I think many users are not even aware how they can get to another view to discover the questions (and blogs) which are older than a month.

Getting the social activities beyond this month is even totally impossible.

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Am I right that you are in your followed activities

and you click the more-button until no further content can be found, and this never goes beyond 1 month.

That is what I just saw when I did the same for a few followed tags which do not have much activity like the archiving tag that I moderate.

From my point of view is this behavior different than in the past and an error as it complicates it even more to find the content.

sajid.amir4 please have a look.

What you can do for now is to filter first the activities by a certain tag, then open one of the discussions and click the tag of your choice in that discussion. This takes you to question and answer page of your desired tag where you can see all questions since October 2016.

Everything before 2016 is really in the archive and you can find it via the top menu "Community" and then click at the bottom left "Archived discussions and documents". Then click "view discussions" and you get to a page with topic pages as the archive is not tag based.