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You have no read or write authorization for file (CVD1)

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I'm facing the following issue. Via transaction CG54, I started a sds export. Then I switch to transaction CVD1 and get the following error:


The sap system is build on a linux system. For the directy I assigend the chmod 777.


Any idea what is missing?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the problem is solved via "2199435 - C13Z_TEXT_WRITE is giving a RAISE NO_PERMISSION error":

To resolve the NO_PERMISSION error, change the data format of logical file EHS_EXP_DOKX_DOCUMENTS to define that just the directory has to be checked for the DOKX export but not a real file.

In order to do this proceed as follows:

Call transaction FILE:

  1. Confirm the popup which informs you that the table is cross-client.
  2. Double-click in the left navigation area on 'Logical File Name Definition, Cross-Client'.
  3. Mark logical file EHS_EXP_DOKX_DOCUMENTS and click 'details'.
  4. Enter DIR in field 'data format'.
  5. Save your changes and leave transaction.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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not 100% sure but story is like:

an user is acting which start the process (in CG54) and an additional user is used for the background part (as the export procss is normally handled by a "job user" (CVD1 part)

To make it short:

During the generation of the files the "access" of the acting user is checked on "hardware level" that means: does the user have read/write access to the folder to which the files should be exported

And the user acting does not gave these access rights (according to error log) so the process stopped.

PLease get in touch with your SAP Basis people to help you to grant the access rights to the users in scope

The "export process" is discussed as such very often here (with a quite huge list of different hurdles which the people acting have detected)


PS: here only a very small list of threads discussing the topic; you will find much more here

Potentially: take a look here: