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yieldConfirmationRequest without erpComponentArray

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We are using SAP ME 6.1 with SAP MII 14.0 in our organization and we ran into a problem. We detected that for one specific shop order SAP ME was not generating the <erpComponentArray> part of the yieldConfirmationRequest document; hence, we were not able to consume the components in SAP ECC. The SFCs of that order had their assemblies done, but for some reason that part of the document was not generated.

All other shop orders were generating the <erpComponentArray> part of the confirmation. We couldn't detect any differences between this specific shop order and the others, so we believe there is a configuration that we are overseeing or that the data itself is generating and exception in the SAP ME internal process that generates the document.

We even checked the SFC_ASSY table in the WIP database and noticed that the ERP_ASSY_SENT field changes from 'NULL' to 'true' after the SFCs are done in ME, but the <erpComponentArray> is not filled up in the yieldConfirmationRequest.

Do you know why this may be happening?

Best regards.

Ricardo Simental

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the end the problem was something very simple to fix: one of the BOM components of that Shop Order had the "Backflush in ERP" checkbox activated in the Build tab of Material Maintenance. The default configuration for yield confirmations is shown below:

noneIfBackflushed (default): does not report any components to SAP ERP if at least one of them has Backflush in ERP selected on the Build tab of Material Maintenance (see Build Tab). [See this link]

Hence, none of the components was being added to the confirmation message.

We changed the configuration of the component, because we need to consume it, and we also changed the configuration of the yield confirmations in Collaboration Directive Maintenance to onlyNonBackflushed, so we can consume all the assembled components that do not have that checkbox activated.

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